Business Process Improvement

Are you tired of working too many hours “IN” your business?

Is it time for you to work “ON” your business?

Do you want to grow your revenue, profit, and cash flow?

Do you want to make your business more valuable and sellable?

Dumas Capital Partners assists business owners who want to improve their business processes using the Value Builder System in order to prepare their company to raise growth capital, to buy a business or sell your business. Our Value Builder clients range in size from as small as $250,000 in annual revenue to as large as $150 million. The key is that the business owner(s) are motivated to improve the value and “sellability” of their business and clearly understand that changing their business requires, first and foremost, changing themselves

Multiple of Pre-Tax Profit Offered


Do You Know the 8 Drivers of Your Company's Value?​

Financial Performance

Are You Satisfied with the amount of money you are taking out of your business?

Growth Potential

Do you think your revenue and profit will grow. stay the same or declined next year?

Switzerland Structure

What would happen if you suddenly lost a key supplier, key costumer or key employee?

Valuation teeter totter

Are you interested in investing more in your business?

Recurring Revenue

Does your company has recurring revenue?

Monopoly Control

In the minds of your costumers and prospects. do your products & services stand out from your competitor?

Costumer Satisfaction

Are your costumers likely to buy from you again?

Hubs & Spoke

If you took a 6 weeks dream vacation. how would your business perform without you?